The Christian Grey Fantasy Continues with Fifty Shades Freed

50 Shades Darker
The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy took the world by storm, and the movie adaptation of the first book was released earlier this year after a lot of anticipation. To most book critics, Fifty Shades of Grey is an amateur love story, at best. So why is it so popular?

First of all, it’s evident that most of the fans are women, and most women fantasize about having a ridiculously wealthy and attractive young man coming to save them from this horrible world. Enter Christian Grey, dashing billionaire who takes care of all his girlfriend’s financial needs- buys her a new laptop, a Blackberry, she gets a huge allowance and an expensive car. Although women may love working and taking care of all their financial responsibilities, they secretly dream of having a Christian Grey in their lives.

The Fifty Shades Freed Audiobook is also famous because women get to read about a man who derives his pleasure from pleasuring his girlfriend/wife. It’s a right shift from all the advice that’s always thrown at them about how to please their men. In this book, women feel that it’s possible to have a sex life that doesn’t primarily focus on satisfying the man. Playing on this fantasy is what got the book sold.

Although this book has been criticized for having a weak female character, this is ironically one of the reasons it’s so popular. Ana is a very ordinary girl who stumbles into a young and attractive billionaire’s life. Ana’s character is a bit void, and maybe this was intentional so that the readers would be able to see themselves as her- a girl, who in spite of how plain and ordinary she is, has managed to find a man who loves her unconditionally. It gives women hope that somewhere in this world, there is a man who’ll love them just as they are.

The monogamous relationship between Ana and Christian is something that most women also fantasize about. Pop culture shows us that wealthy, young men are not exactly the monogamous type. However, Mr. Grey wants only Ana, and he never paid attention to any of the attractive girls that would flirt with him in her presence. Which girl doesn’t want that?

Finally, the book is pretty easy to follow- the prose is simple, the storyline is based on the age-old redemption love story, and the light BDSM scenes also add some spice to the story.